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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  February 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning i am todd. i'm stefani schaefer. thanks so much for being with us this monday morning. we have a lot to get to this morning two people are dead after they are shot inside a vehicle stacey standing by live with more on the breaking details for us. talk about heroin overdoses. very much so. the dots on the rise find out with what john drugstore chain is trying to do to stop the epidemic. when it comes to feeding babies hear what new statistics claim plus do you agree your comments in this morning's download we are talking about it. i was a price on the aids recommendations. let's check in with a.j. colby for a look at our forecast on this monday morning. aj good morning. good morning. a lot of clouds out there the rain has moved away storm fox is dry as of this point it is chilly they'll. still well above average for this time of the year. 39 degrees at hopkins and akron canton. here's the rain pressing east
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overcast right now few and far between. we've got some weather moving through the denver area right now that system is winding up and it is going to snow and snow hard across nebraska iowa and this will be for tomorrow morning fortunately we are avoiding the messy weather for the caucuses going on in iowa today. temperature wise pressing all of the nice mild air to the southeast. turning cooler temperatures flirting with 40 today but there are their way down hopefully some breaks of sunshine. 20s on the way for tonight partial clearing and quiet. then tomorrow son and increasing clouds. top out around 50 degrees. showers possible late. full forecast is coming your way in a couple of minutes. back to you guys. thank you. 9:01. we begin with breaking news out of the city of elyria. police investigating a shooting that left two people dead. it happened last night. fox 8's stacey frey is live in elyria with what we know.
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good morning. the two people dead inside of a rented suv that was parked in the parking lot behind me. at an apartment complex here. detectives came out here once the sun came up looked around a little bit more in this wrapped up and headed out of here once again. all we know this is a man and a woman both shot at least shots were reported fired not long before they were both found dead inside of this rented suv. passenger seat. spoke with a woman who lives cousin. she was not here to visit her doesn't know who in the complex she might have been here tuesday but she also tells me she was walking to giant eagle last night right next door around 10 or 10:30 and ottaway back she saw two suvs that she hadn't noticed before that had a bit one of them suddenly sped away it was the other suv where these two bodies were found. she says she lives here with seven year old walks by the area
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very fearful. very close. very close. very close. imagined walking a little bit slower i could have witnessed it. i could have been one of the people. police not giving us a lot of information at this point won't tell us the ages of these two i know from two people i spoke to hear hoople say this woman was their cousin a man was her husband and other than that were waiting for more information from police about why they believe these two were here who they think might have shot them and what dot suv they say the woman i spoke with said one of the suvs just went speeding out of the parking lot. what if anything that might have last night. my goodness. thanks so much. appreciate it. or other big news story on this monday. as heroin overdose deaths are on the rise in the state of ohio, many are trying to put a stop to it. we've seen a lot young kids and now a drugstore chain is set
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selling an antidote. our jessica dill is live at a cvs with more on today's expected announcement. good morning todd and stephanie good morning everyone. a sad story to report here. three or four people die every single day in ohio from heroin overdose. a horrible story. no cvs among other groups are trying to put an end to it by having an antidote. expecting the big announcement today. don't even need a prescription to get this. today cvs pharmacy officials, ohio attorney general mike dewine and the white house national drug policy director will discuss narcan. the drug can reverse the breath suppression effects of opioids. ohio department of public safety records show this was administered nearly thirteen thousand times around the state last year, but soon people will be able to buy it with a prescription. well we're very excited about this announcement by cvs that
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of course naloxone is this amazing drug that's been around for a long time. ems and fire fighters have been using the drug for about 40 years. i had three different ems people from different groups come forward and say they've been using this and they want to say that if people can start buying this on their own at cvs you have to remember if you have a drug overdose you have to go to the hospital because it's not necessarily the drug will help long-term effects as well. something to take note of that is for sure. in other news on this monday morning. a former seminary student from ohio is due in court today after allegedly trying to go to mexico to buy a baby for sex. joel wright was a priest in training at a seminary in columbus. agents arrested him as soon as he got off a plane in san diego they say he planned to go to tijuana to adopt or buy a child
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in online chats with what turned out to be a federal agent he allegedly said he wanted to have sex with the child. seminary officials have severed ties with him. we certainly do not want to admit anyone into our program with whom there is any inkling that that person might pose a threat to any person, especially to the young and to the vulnerable. wright was diagnosed with glaucoma when he was baby and he said he wanted to become a priest, to help others. agents say he had more than 2,000 dollars in cash with him when he was arrested along with baby clothes and a bottle inside his luggage. unbelievable story. also in the headlines this morning. five teens are in police custody in sandusky this morning, facing charges of attempted murder. police say the incident happenedpened back on january 25th, at a home on north forest drive.uary forest dr they say the juveniles tried toe. rob 22 year old jonsay hayes. he was shot in the right arm right arm during the ordeal. investigators say all five of the teens had weapons, but only one fired.e fired.
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police say they all have prior records.y all have p all of a sudden we were sitting here hearing pop, pop, pop and we thought something had hit our window. somethi it was a staged thing that night, there was five of them,ge they went to the house to tryd tnight, the was five of and rob the person who lived there, of some money. people in the neighborhood where it happened are staying vigilant, by stepping up patrols in the area.e ororit happene the teens are locked up at the erie county juvenile justicere lock center. a 73 year old man will face a judge this morning, accused of driving drunk and killing twoni pedestrians in willoughby.ughby. police say rudolph bait wast was driving down lost nation road saturday night, when he ran over a man and woman walking along pickup truck.. drivontuer paramedics rushed to the victims a 57 year old woman died while a 50 year old man just identified flown to metro where he also died.. 50ear olasli bait faces ovi as well as
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we're following some developings news right now. here's wayne dawson with a look at what's just in.da good morning.g. police madegood maorn niarrest in in connection with a robbery thatat happened outside the great northernde t mall.ll. 41 -year-old steven stephen kitchens 25 -year-old have booked interested expected to bee charged a bit later on the pair is accused of holdingdin up a woman outside the greatreat northern mall last week. investigators say they stole thele t woman's purse.urse. the surveillance video showso s them a short time later iner in cleveland walking out of a store after trying to use the victimstims credit cards. investigators believe the men are behind a number of armedigators robberies throughout the northeast ohio area and we willill have an update for you when wewe get more information.rmati toss it back over to you guys. good news for those people. i know their breathing a sigh of relief after that. no doubt. thanks. the road to the white house starts in the hawkeye state. what you need to know about the iowa caucuses and which
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caucu leading the polls. two college students aree stud arrested.ents hear why they're accused in the murder of a 13 year old girl. are hear new report show it can savee hundreds of thousands of babiesabies lives every year.lives ever did youyear. and do you encourageurag other moms to breast-feed. sharing your stories in this
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there she is the queen of soul. all month long, fox 8 celebrates the sounds of black historyythere is theonth long, fox 8 the queen of soul aretha franklin was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1987.anhe a line of food coming outut talking about over the weekend like patty has. she's got like a soul food linen nice. all right.t. that's we'll have to try it out on the the air to make sure it's fabulous. we know moms have been nursing the baby from the dawn of timers of but t learning more and moreore benefits to breast-feeding.-fee ding. researchers found breast-feedingng can save up to more than 800,000800,0 infant lives every year.00 amounts to 13 percent of alll childhood deaths under the agee of two. two. researchers have found breast-feeding can preventve 20,000 maternal deaths from cancer each year.ntna world health organization recommends breast-feeding to until at least age research shows children and loww and middle income countries only be breast-fed for about six monthshs
9:12 am bene if you're able to. that surprised me with lowerlow income countries why theyhey wouldn't try to do it moreore because it's so healthy for thehy for t he unbelievable start. moms have to go back to work. i wondered but i was working andrking a i nursed my son and tell i wasas two months pregnant with myh my daughter.. and that i nursed my daughter i was working. i thinks you two or three moms that are hereere they we have a pumping room. it's nice it's got a lazy boyy chair in a tv. tv. anyway that's besides the plane but some moms can't do it i i struggled for a while in thea wh beginning it was likeile in t half similac half breastmilk and whenk and i got going still by the end andwhen she started to trail off 10 months she was done bit me and done i was like was do oh my gosh. i tried for a couple more days and she bit meay again.
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i want to go the full year but it is a difficult thing to do thing to especially if you're a workingg mom. mo sometimes it's not m.up to you. it's the child and sometimes its it doesn't happen. may not have the convenience of a rim to go into where you work may be on the road a lot.t. working somewhere they don'ton't have something like that.a that is true. is true amazing the amount of benefits. that is extraordinary.ordin what was the story we did last year about weightliftersto time toe buy breastmilk because putting it inre like liquid gold. very healthy. it was crazy. a lot on that. a lot of benefits. a lot of people were doing it.. athletes. people selling big business. finally have some extra. let's get to some of your comments smart address on ouress on facebook page breast-fed all ofof my very healthy children and now teens.y healt
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the way it is cancer free now.w. that is awesome congratulations.tio amand is that i breast-fed alll six of my babies able to go longer than others.. however i would never push myh my ideas on anyone else. i had a friend that madeade comments formula was just asst as good. did i want to give her the factss it was her kid.. shannon says i encourage them tom feed they're child whether it isis formula or milk. feed your child. definitely need amy says breast-fed for of mymy six kids i have encouraged manyed many to do so to.o. two of my grandchildren weren were breast-fed as well. the main problem i havest seen isen i getting mothers to understand it takes patience.he it does. you can't just boom.oom and a lot of patience. and not just the start of that butth continuing to breast-feed-feed you know the whole time.ime. anyway we want to know what you what
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do you and do you encourage other mothers to breast-feed.feed. head over to wrote vote on the web fall we have a poll today and head back over to leave me anothernoth comment will read some more coming up.up. sounds good thank yougo apprecod thaiated. check in with a.j. colby outside for usecith a.j. c how chile is a chilly have we gotten there yet it wasas nice yesterday. around 40 right now guys.s. really isn't bad at all.l. considering advertiser 35 degrees definitely a littlelittle hint of something other thanhan winter in the air. you can actually see the sun is out a little bit breakingit break through the clouding cover. 39 hopkins akron canton doverdover new philly is 40. not much wind chill justust daylight zephyr out here. brunswick and aurora includingnd aurorin barberton all 39.cluding9. may dine at 37 elyria 38 right now. no pr ecipitation in the area mentor 35 will be checks and 42.
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let's talhtk now a little bit about january saw. better late than with a high of 56 on saturday we did manag e a 60-degree highee high yesterday. the average high as w we said 35.5. first time in three years that that we've had a 60 or better in thehe month of january.. in the last time we had temperatureses in the a string of days inof days in the 50s and 60s was backs during christmas week everyoneon wanting that white christmas iss you remember it didn't happen. happen. next weather system into the into the southwest and we have got snowno towards albuquerque and in thethe mountains there on up towards denver. that system as what will provideovide that chances for rain picking up late tomorrow into wednesdayday meanwhile will be under highhigh pressure. that storm system is going to causee th winter storm warnings all across nebraska and over intoover iowa fortunately the caucus is not tomorrow it is today because
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of snow across the hawkeye statet back home turning cooler andn there are breaks of sunshineine with temperatures remaining neara 40 or into the 20s tonight.night. partial clearing and quiet. tomorrow's high 50. there's another mild one for usor us on groundhog day.y here is the fox eight dayay outlook with temperatures backk into the 30s on wednesday.sda behind a system could be a little make effect snow doesn'tsn look like a big deal right now.ow. 20s on thursday night.y night. friday looks good sodasas saturday. mid to upper 30s that's justs just about par for this time of the year.r. and on sunday may be some snowwye doesn't look like a big event 37 starting to turn colder on monday which could be a bit of a game changer by next week. could be dealing with some very cold air stay up on the latesttes fox8 your official school closing station. y d morning whatsoever.soever what are your forfor the groundhog.
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the groundhog. i would say a shadow will be seen. but will it be buckeye chapter to see. guy. with godil we'e' when here.e. all right. goddard would be able to tellell us. us. that's always the case. he is awesome. thank you so much aj appreciated.. th woolly bear popping out of itsts cocoon. up next the scene is that. next th now, hear how the presidentiale ene is candidates were hoping to get their final push for votes before today's iowa caucuses. one driver turns the tables on a police officer.ur him over and accuses him of speeding.m over and accus [music playing] all right.t. it was awesome if you saw itsaw i t last night a live show americarica could not get enough of.f. find out what fans are saying
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and we're going to beat some of your comments from our instagram page. this was fabulous.
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welcome back. 9:22. following develeloping welcom e wayne is joining us right now with a look at what is just in.g we are following developments out of the city of los angeles this morning want to take a lookook at live pictures as a fire
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buildingpped throu and south park. firefighters are working veryvery hard right now to try to put thee flames out.ut. fire is being spewed by combustible storage and propaneand prop cylinders. we are being told more than 100 than 10 firefighters are on the scene fighting that blaze right now. good news is so far no injuries have been reported. and this is just in. in. back to you. doesn't look like there gettingetting to close the streams arems shooting across the street.reet. that is massive.e. all right wayne keep us posted thanks so much.e donald trump and ted cruz may ks so uz may have started the campaign as friends but that all changedanged during their final push for votes, before today's iowa caucuses.da he wants to pretend that he's robin hood.bin hood he's going to protect everyone from wall street, big bad wall street, right?street, bi he forgot to mention that he's borrowed a lot of money at to almost no interest. mention thaborrowed af mo if you look at his financial disclosures, he owes at least at leas $480 million right now and it could be billions.on right now and by the way with loans, when heidi and i take loans, we pay them back. donald has declared bankruptcy
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polls show trump leads cruz in iowa, 28 to 23 percent, headingcent, he into today's caucus. while most candidates remain hopeful in the hawkeye state, hawkeye s ohio governor john kasich has been campaigning heavily in new hampshire, ahead of next week's primary.rimary he hopes a recent endorsement by the new york times will give him a a recth the paper is also backingking democrat hillary clinton. that iowa poll that showed trumpped trump leading the gop also has clintonas clint ahead of sanders, but just by a 45 to 42 percent margin. i will do everything i can to make sure that your faith in me and the campaign we run will reflect the values and the vision that we share for our country. our issues are out there.the v vision tha people are really enthusiastic. and if people come out to vote,siastic. and if people come out to vote, i think you're going to look at one of the biggest political
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ng the iowa caucuses are just theses a first round of the next big contest will be the new hampshire primary, next tuesday. just th the ne t todd. a second virginia tech student is now under arrest accused in the murder of a 13 year old girl.der arrest acc natalie keepers, who's 19, wasrs, who's s charged yesterday. she's accused of helping 18 year old david eisenhauer.sed o he was arrested on saturday. 13 year old nicole lovell was last seen wednesday night, at her 13 year la her family say a dresser was dre pushed against her bedroom door and she probably climbed out a window.sser was her body was found saturday along a highway about 100 miles police say she knew at least one of the suspects. we'll learn today why a speedingngpolice say one there's no amtrak train derailed near philadelphia, killing eight people.ia, killing e the crash, back in may, also left more than 200 people hurt.back iple hurt. one big mystery is why the train was speeding up and going twiced goine the speed limit when it was supposed to be slowing down forthe speed lifor a sharp curve? the engineer said he doesn'ter said he doe
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victims of the crash are seekingeking more than 295 million dollars inmi damages.llion doll federal investigators willst release more than two thousandigators wi pages in findings. a florida driver turned the tables on a police officer, after she says she caught him speeding. the reason i pulled you over drive o she caught m today is because i saw you,ause i saw, since miller drive when you were first jumping onto the palmetto, and you were pushing 90 miles an hour. really? ok. the woman says it was 1:30 in the afternoon, and she wanted to th know what was the emergency?woman sand she wand to she just happened to have her cell phone recording she h followed the officer until heofficer un l pulled over.he over. he thought she needed help until she started to question him.thought she i don't know how fast i was going. i can tell you this i'm on the way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding. the officer did apologize and promised to slow down. the miami dade police departmentdepartment is now investigating. interesting because the twohe two things that they kind of tellte
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way to work and i didn't know inow i h said. right. at least he apologized kind ofd realized he made a mistake. that is true. i saw a police officer doing in that abet in an area and he wasas going 20 miles above the posted posted limit and did not have hisv lights on. i don't thinkk ligh like a code something where they are allowed to go a limit doctor if thethe heading somewhere but not that fast. all right another day and more problems forno browns quarterbackerback johnny. find out about his jolatest run run and what police why they had toad t use a helicopter to track him keeping his canine care howw strangers are coming together tother to help a retired police officer keep his partner byic his sideside even though he is not on the jobhe job anymore. we'll explain that story coming up for you that right noww goodood morning.
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some sun breaking through.u and a storm approaching we'll
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they said all three were.e. apples me when perfect in every way for mom and baby. your waistline and wallet.
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in any other child ever met. i'm encouraged many to do so as wellll is getting others to understand that takes patience. o others formula or breast milk. all three of mine were breast-fed. according to the semi and then she should not have madeco at this far. do you breast-feed or encourage other mothers to breast-feed accordingt- to our pull 86 percent of you said yes yesterday and only about 11 percent said no
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month to do so. to each their own. the cheer thing. people say the . -ellipsis acid reflux. that dense shoes on all a all lot of medicines were working for her that worked thereed is the best thing that is natural. one day i'm good. i think a burger.
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can i take that one. we are getting closer to seeing
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we are talking about grew spirit will talk about that and a second.. you might have a tough time getting the right. goober drivers are expecting to stage a straight reprint it does not happen here. fed team of engineers will begin
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the road race. the goal is become a leader that pink birds -- the pink tea birds in the pink ladies are back in action. i thought it was great. so far the live shows have
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they got fresh take. the officials contract is available for purchase on itunes you can also stream on spotted a fight. it was raining in los angeles felt they were showing a lot of people from soundstage to soundstage with umbrellas. we've seen other musicals on other networks. this is like the first time they've actually had an audience an hour. everybody in the stands at the pep rallyer at the energy for the life crowd. was just silent giulian hefted a great job i thought she was the perfect sandy. she nailed it appeared she was fantastic we're asking what you thought of the show. here are some of the comments that came ine i love everything
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musical group estimates that was in the opening they went over and joe jonas mario lopez was in it so much energy. they've nailed it. we
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hear what he asked have brought the entire hospital staff to tears. todd is ordering his right now. they're sold out. dang. show you my one player's fashion
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go they came and went without saying a word he left a note from darth vader.ef they decided to honor
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bus goes into it. why not. he loves us and there's so much is he the ultimate question. we're you marry me. that is he got down and went need to i got down on one knee
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over. that's adorable. you have to go for a little superhero back up and you're going to's make such a little beyonce at a little batman. a little d&d.
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her in the chairs. get out of here. with a spotted how to shoot even see. exactly. i'm curious to see if she made her destination. bungee cords and duct tape. wow.
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that doesn't work that she's going to have some killer legs.s. i've got to give her credit. tomorrow we vardy picked out our
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from your school and thirty-seven at the lakefront now 39 at hopkins pick not much in the way of chill.uc thirty-five and eastlake. and. madison at 37. ravenna at 38 degrees a 39 and north olmsted will be on that mild side of system in the meantime we enjoy high pressure in control that storm system is going to dump quite a bit of snowth across nebraska and iowa we are going to be on the warm side. tuesday 50 degrees for groundhogdh day. tomorrow the wentzel kick up and we are back into the 30s by the rest of the week we willl have more coming out next. here we go again on new day going. ravenna get 500 feet height
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vegas it's a giant wastero it's an observation rotating testing. i'll show you at ten.
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